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January 24, 2021

In the readings today, we hear about God calling people to mission.

Could God be calling you to priesthood or religious life?

Become a Friar

St. Francis found much joy in living the Gospel and in his day inspired thousands of men and women to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. In today’s troubled world, Franciscans continue to share the good news of God’s love in ways that we hope will inspire people of our time. Our Franciscan website (www.franciscan.org) can help with the process of discernment and becoming a Franciscan friar. Vocation Director Br. Tim Lamb, OFM can help answer your questions about the Franciscan way of life. Contact him at [email protected] or 513-218-3547 (texting is fine).


Who Are We?

We live the way of life established by St. Francis of Assisi 800+ years ago. Yes, our distinctive brown habit attracts attention but most of all we want our alternative lifestyle to stand out as a living witness to the Goodness of God and the joy of living the Gospel in the 21st century. We have fraternities of friars around the USA and even in Jamaica! We serve the Catholic Church in high schools, universities, parishes, hospitals (as nurses and chaplains), in inner city ministries, retreat houses, publishing (books, social media & internet content with “Franciscan Media”), and missions both foreign and domestic. In all of our ministries we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. Join us in living the gospel in fraternity, in simplicity and most of all joyfully!

Is this life for you?

Do you feel a stirring in your heart? Do things that once brought you a great deal of joy no longer capture your interest as before? Well, even Saint Francis of Assisi had a similar experience. Eventually he figured out what God was asking of him. He came to discover that God was calling him to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a radical way. Perhaps he is calling you to do the same!

Fr. Jeff


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