A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


June 12, 2022

Fr. Jeff’s Wish List…

On Trinity Sunday we remember that our God is Father, Son, and Spirit; our God is three persons, living in love. Our God is a community of persons, living in love. Trinity Sunday is a good time to think about how we, too, can be a community of persons, living in love! Here are a couple of practical ways we can express our care for our fellow parishioners.

A few years back we put a “Welcome Desk” in our gathering space. I am sure you have seen it. It is a place where people can seek assistance when they come to church. A welcome desk is a symbol that we desire to be a welcoming and hospitable community. I recall a young family who were looking for a parish home; they had visited a number of parishes. When they came here and saw our welcome desk, they knew they had found their home! Pre-COVID we were able to have someone regularly present at the welcome desk for a few minutes before and after mass. Members of our Commissions took turns. I am hoping that we can find some generous people who might be willing to help us bring the Welcome Desk back to life!

Every Saturday morning some generous volunteers come in to clean the church. They vacuum the carpet, sweep the sanctuary, clean the windows on the doors of church, dust the window sills and statues, wipe down the pews, straighten the books, etc. This is a great gift to all of us, and something we might take for granted. We are hoping we might have a few more volunteers so that we could have several crews who come on a rotating basis, and it does not all fall to just a few. This could be a family or a couple activity.

Thanks for your goodness and generosity! You can volunteer for these through the parish office.


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