A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


March 21-22, 2015

Next weekend is Palm Sunday. The masses will begin with an invitation for you to assemble in the gathering room for the blessing of palms, followed by the solemn procession into church. Last year we had many people who were willing to leave the pew and join in the blessing and procession. I encourage you to participate this year too.

Then we begin Holy Week, which leads us to the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. I ask that you make a special effort to attend all of the special liturgies: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday celebrations. Over the years, I have found these days spiritually renewing, and uplifting.

Soon you will see a St. Vincent de Paul donation bin in the parking lot east of Code Rd. You can drop off any used clothing or shoes at the bin. The Society will come by once a week to empty it, and our work crew will make sure that the area around it is kept tidy. Have you thought about joining our conference? This weekend someone from our conference will give a brief presentation on the work of the SVdP organization and explain how you can help.

From Pope Francis: We should not think, however, that the Gospel message must always be communicated by fixed formulations learned by heart or by specific words which express an absolutely invariable content. This communication takes place in so many different ways that it would be impossible to describe or catalogue them all, and God’s people, with all their many gestures and signs, are its collective subject . . . . This is always a slow process and at we can be overly fearful. But if we allow doubts and fears to dampen our courage, instead of being creative we will remain comfortable and make no progress whatsoever. [par. 129, The Joy of the Gospel]


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