A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


March 26-27

I've been praying that all of you will be touched by the graces of our Easter celebration. During the Saturday evening Easter vigil, this grace entered fully into two newly baptized and confirmed Catholics, Keith Leider and Chester Jeanes. Two others, already baptized, confessed their faith as Catholics at the vigil as well: Jackie Mills and Marilyn Wallace (who was received into the church along with her daughter-in-law in Chicago).

They now enter into a phase of mystagogia, the deepening appreciation of the truths they have encountered during the months leading up to their initiation. I mention this because our new members will continue to look to us for ongoing help to reinforce the teachings they have received. I hope that you will take on the responsibilities of older brothers and sisters towards those newly included in our community.

Next Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. Because we are in the special Holy Year of Mercy, I wanted to highlight even more this special celebration that St. Pope John Paul II included in our year of worship. There is an insert in today's bulletin which gives some background to the feast. Confession within eight days (note our regular Tuesday morning and Saturday afternoon confession times) will opens the door to a plenary (unqualified and absolute) indulgence. We will also be focusing our homilies on the merciful heart of Jesus.


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