A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


November 23-24, 2019

Last week I shared with you the results of our “October count.” I hope it sparked some discussion and prayer. This week I would like to bring another issue before you for prayer and discussion: our youth. We do not have a lot of young people here at Transfiguration, but we do want to cherish, encourage, and support our younger members. A few years ago, we did have a youth minister (Joe Dallo) who facilitated gatherings everything other week for our high school students. Attendance fluctuated from 2 or 3 students to 8 or 9. After educational and family obligations called Joe away, we made arrangements for our high school students to be part of the group at Our Lady of La Salette Parish youth group in Berkley, but none of our students participated.

Since then John Houle and Alan D’Souza have volunteered to work with our high school students. Last year 4 or 5 students came every other week. This year, we thought we would start with some social activities to build the group. We offered a hike at nearby Carpenter Woods and a trip to the Franklin Cider Mill. One student participated in the hike (another had to cancel at the last minute) and none were able to participate the trip to the Cider Mill.

So to all our parish, but especially our high school students and their parents, how can our parish assist you? What is the best schedule, type of event, etc.? We would like to accompany you on the journey! We are not sure how…

Fr. Jeff


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